Prayer Request

Prayer Requests

Here you can share your testimony of your Salvation, how did you found Jesus, or a comment the site.
Revelation 19:10 – KJV …for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy!


Feel free to share your testimony on how you received Jesus? What were results? How did it affect your life? You can share a Praise for your Salvation. Or your thoughts. How your life changed after salvation. Did you have a New Birth experience? How did you received the Holy Spirit?

Here you can share your Prayer Requests and pray for others. Feel free to write. We pray with you.

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I was at a gravesite when I heard the pastor say that if you were saved there would be a change in the way you think and do.I thought I was already saved but then when I heard that I realized that I was lost. We got in the truck to go get something to eat at the church when I felt this huge knot in my chest and started crying. I wasn’t that close to the one that had passed away. I couldn’t stop crying and cried out help me. When we got to the church the knot in… Read more »
Holy Spirit reminded me „I am the Spirit of Truth. I am the Spirit of Truth that proceeds from the Father. Because I am the Spirit of Jesus. And Jesus is Truth“, way and life. „Through your journey looking for Truth from men I have always been inside of you and Jesus standing next to you“. You met very religious people. The religious spirits are operating today it can be in any church. But the church of God, the Body of Christ consist of true believers who are illuminating light of Jesus and His Love into this world. I pray… Read more »
Joseph Rossomando
I came to the Lord December 25,1991.At the time I had no idear what to expect. I just knew I could not turn back. For I had entered into an irrevocable contract with God. I had committed my life to Jesus Christ and he has given me eternal life. From that time on it has been a constant struggle between the Spirit and the Flesh. I was a new Christian, and very weak. Then God’s Spirit would come to me and I would think of his word, the words Paul heard from God himself. II Corinthians 12:9 And He said… Read more »

Great site. Congratulations for the good work. Ylo!


I found this site from the google and I love the salvation prayer. I am already saved. But i think its the only prayer that contains Holy Spirit baptism. God Bless.